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From teaching himself to play drums by jamming along to Beatles records as a kid, to producing, singing, and playing multiple instruments on his recent studio albums, Orbs of Light, and “No hay marcha atrás” Beto Hale is a one-man band. Hailing all the way from Mexico City, multi-instrumentalist Beto Hale started playing with local bands in his ‘tweens. Shortly after he graduated high school, he was recruited as a keyboardist for the iconic Latin-Pop group Timbiriche.

After touring with them he attended Centro de Investigación y Estudios de la Música (CIEM) in Mexico City and then received a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music. Once he graduated, he worked full-time at KMA records in Manhattan and ended up joining the pop/punk group The Cogs.

After receiving a call to join the editorial team for Músico Pro magazine Beto, packed his bags, moved out west to Colorado and quickly became Editor-in-Chief. Throughout his time in Colorado, he played with many different experimental rock bands and released Sube (2000) and American Mythology (2006). Sube being primarily sung in Spanish, blends Mexican influences, Brit pop/rock and American rhythms. His follow-up, American Mythology, sung in English and Spanish builds upon the sound of its predecessor by incorporating jazz piano and folk elements. Both collections reflected the eclectic sounds of Mexico City FM radio that Mr. Hale encountered in his youth.

While in Colorado, Beto earned a Master’s Degree in Composition from the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music.

In 2007, Beto moved to Los Angeles and began collaborating with well-known producers, musicians and songwriters throughout the city. Five years later he released Rebirth (2012), a ten-song collection, featuring charting singles, “Come as You Are” and “Fire Away” and musicians Tony Levin (one of rock’s most recorded bassists) and Marc Mann (of Concert for George fame), touring Mexico City to support the collection. His most recent English language-album, Orbs of Light (2017) drew upon the likes of The Beatles, David Bowie, Radiohead, and others, for his alternative, progressive rock, and post pop-punk sound to spread a positive message through his music.

The album was partly recorded in the then brand new 2,000 square foot recording studio that Hale named Los Olivos Recording Studios. The studio has since hosted award-winning Latin artists such as Flor de Toloache and Diamante Eléctrico, as well as outstanding film composers such as Dani Bensi (Boy Erased). In 2019 Beto paired up with Brent Fischer (a Grammy and Latin Grammy winning arranger and producer) to release No hay marcha atrás, his first all-Spanish release. The songs spanned the gamut from Pop-Rock anthems such as “Mujer de Plata” to ballads such as “Sálvame” with features full string, woodwind and brass arrangements by Fisher.

On his albums, Beto plays drums, guitar, piano, keyboards and percussion, in addition to singing most of the vocals, and functions as recording engineer for many of the parts. He has since added soprano sax and ‘cello to the instruments he is learning. In 2020, Beto released “Tesoro” a collaboration with legendary LA band Ozomatli. And this same year, Beto and outstanding Spanish producer and multi-instrumentalist Juan de Dios Martín are preparing what promises to be an outstanding collection of alternative-rock songs in Spanish.

Beto is currently producing the incredibly talented Nancy Sánchez.

His new single, “Resplandeciente” will be released on 10/23/2020, with an incredible video featuring Mexican dancer/choreographer Tania Pérez-Salas. 


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