BETO HALE Brings us his exquisite new single Mujer de Plata

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Hailing all the way from Mexico City, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Beto Hale is a one-man band and he is back with this mesmerizing song, “Mujer de Plata”. Beto is teasing us with this first advance that will be part of his upcoming album –his fifth solo release– and the first that is completely in Spanish. The album is produced by Hale and co-produced by Brent Fischer. "One of the most intriguing artists on the music scene today" Jo-Ann Greene - All Music. "Mujer de Plata" is a tale of the love affair between a young man and the moon, but also hints at a love affair with an elusive woman. From teaching himself to play drums by playing along to Beatles' records as a kid to producing, singing, and playing multiple instruments on his studio albums, Beto Hale is a one man band. Hale started playing with local bands throughout his teen years. Shortly after he graduated high school, he was recruited by Jorge Ceja as a keyboardist for the iconic Latin pop group, Timbiriche. He attended Berklee College of Music where he learned composition, songwriting, and performance. Once he graduated, he worked full-time at KMA Studios in Manhattan and ended up joining the pop/punk group “The Cogs.” After receiving a call to join the editorial team for Músico Pro, Beto packed his bags and moved out west to Colorado. He quickly rose up the corporate ladder and became Editor-in-Chief.
Throughout his time in Colorado, he was playing with different experimental rock bands and released Sube (2000) and American Mythology 2006). Sube being primarily sung in Spanish, blends Mexican influences, Brit pop/rock and American rhythms. His follow-up, American Mythology (2006), builds upon the sound of its predecessor by incorporating jazz guitar and folk elements. It is a reflection of the eclectic sounds of Mexico City that Mr.

Hale encountered in his youth. In 2007, Beto moved to Los Angeles and began collaborating with well-known producers, musicians and composers throughout the city. Five years later he released Rebirth (2012), a ten song collection, featuring charting singles, “Come as You Are,” and “Fire Away” and musicians Tony Levin and Marc Mann. In 2017, he released the critically acclaimed album “Orbs of Light”.

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