FYC- Volver a soñar (for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album)




My latest EP, Volver a soñar, brings together five positive songs that aim to uplift us in these challenging times. 






Thank you for listening to my new album!

Volver a soñar opens with the rocking anthem “Antonella”, a fictional account of the platonic love between a common man and a high-profile goddess. The track is full of references to the golden era of New Wave (Talking Heads, The Cars) but sounds absolutely current.

The second song, “Resplandeciente” is a gorgeous sonic journey that synthesizes many emotions and thoughts. On the one hand, it expresses an ideal: that of a person free from ties, who explores his/her creativity and seeks to make his/her dreams come true without needing the approval of anyone. Although the lyrics of the song speak of a woman as the main character, the song is, perhaps, a reflection of how I have felt throughout my creative life - always challenging myself not to let anyone define who I am or how I should do things.

Musically, it amalgamates a wide variety of influences, from progressive rock to sophisticated pop, which has always inspired me. I think that in this song, I have achieved something that I had not achieved before on an emotional, musical or lyrical level.

“Volver a soñar”, the title track, is a hymn to childhood, as a call to never forget the innocence and positivism that we all felt in our early years. But the lyrics are also a call to never stop having hope in the face of the challenges that this dark time we are going through has presented us: misinformation, fear, loss, grief. All of this can be overcome if we remember that we carry a boy or girl inside who can find the light within the darkness. 

“Todo el amor” is a love song that expresses how you feel when connecting to that special person that one way or another, you always knew you were going to find. It's one the most honest and straight-forward songs I've written. Everything is said in a couple of simple sentences. 

The closer, “No puedo más que amarte” is a song that speaks directly to the person we love, telling them what we feel and putting into perspective how enormous and unattainable love seems inside of the daily routines of life. It has a strong Traveling Wilburys and Tom Petty influence.

Spanish producer Juan de Dios Martín and I (a native of Mexico), had an absolute ball recording theses songs in the height of the pandemic. We hope the love and good humor we poured into this project comes through. Here we are working on “Antonella”.

It was recorded at my studio in LA, Los Olivos Recording Studios




Fun fact:

This cowbell was played by Juan on “Antonella”. It was signed for Juan by none other that Will “more cowbell!” Ferrell during a session Juan had at another studio:

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 “Volver a soñar” 


Beto Hale - Volver a soñar (To Dream Again)

Produced by Juan de Dios Martín

Recorded by Beto Hale and Juan de Dios Martín at Los Olivos Recording Studios, Los Angeles

Mixed by Juan de Dios Martín

Mastered by Jett Galindo (The Bakery Mastering, Los Angeles)

Beto Hale - lead and background vocals, drums, electric guitars, synthesizers, programming

Juan de Dios Martín: background vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar, synthesizers, programming

Tony Levin - bass

David Levita - electric guitars


Songwriting credits:

“Resplandeciente” and “Todo el amor”, words and music by Beto Hale.

“Antonella”, “Volver a soñar” and “No puedo más que amarte”, words and music by Beto Hale and Juan De Dios Martín. 

A Los Olivos Records Release 



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